“Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.”

There is beauty in shadows, serenity in the flow of water, and inspiration in the sound a pencil sketching on paper. 

Are we experiencing all that is around us? Are we absorbing the lights, the shadows, the sounds? Are we really too busy?

Time spent sketching designs by lamp light, traces of carbon, and the smell of rubber covering old lines. Painfully twisting wire into shape, natural lines, each piece unique. Sanding and working the metal into place, dust fragments sifting through the air and coming to rest on a dark workbench. Placing the pearl into place, its light offset by the sanded shadowed metal around it. 


Developing ideas

Developing ideas

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki’s, In Praise of Shadows, has helped us to shape and appreciate the Ikebana collection. The essay discusses traditional Japanese aesthetics in contrast with the strive for change in the western world. The West’s continually strive for progress is presented as endlessly searching for light and clarity, while the East’s acceptance of transience and imperfection is presented by an appreciation of shadow and subtlety.


Take time to read In Praise of Shadows.