A small 'complement'

"That's a nice necklace who made it?" 

"I made it" 


And that is how a small compliment from my boyfriend led to Philomena Studio. 

The Silver Scion Necklace was where it began. Techniques developed in Paris. Twisting wire and complementing with pearls and precious stones. Time consuming, blisteringly painful on the hands, but elegant, light and beautiful.

I drew inspiration for the piece from time I spent working with Japanese designers. The way they approached their work, their style and their sensibility to aesthetics. For me it encapsulated ikebana. Elegance, simplicity and a harmony between nature and humanity.

This is where it began. The signature piece for Philomena Studio's Ikebana Collection. The first piece sold. 


First sample of the Ikebana collection

First sample of the Ikebana collection