Our rings come in the standard UK sizes as follows: K, M, P (small, medium, large).

If you are unsure of your size:

- visit your local jewellers where you can usually have your ring size measured. 

- measure the inside diameter of a ring you already own and refer to the ring size chart below.

- measure the circumference of the intended finger and refer to the ring size chart below.

- if your size falls between two sizes - opt for the larger size.


INCHES      MM      UK      US      EUROPE      

0.62          15.90      K       5.25           50      small

0.65          16.71      M      6.25            52      medium

0.70          17.93      P       7.75            56      large





Size is determined by your wrist, not your hand.

Measure your wrist from left to right to determine which diameter would be ideal for you.

All measures are approximate.

Our stiff bracelets come in the standard sizes as follows: 





DIAMETER               small         medium     large

MM                             150              165              180  

INCHES                     6.29             6.54             7.09